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STEAM Curriculum & Learning – award winning STEAM and Kids Creative programs that combine the arts via the Step dance genre, mathematics, and alpha / numeric codes to creatively get participants focused on both mental and physical activity. Content offered through the AOS digital curricula, a playlist of pre-recorded and/or live virtual instruction. Traditional (in-person) instruction offered onsite by availability as well the option to License AOS programs.



The Lab – Powered by AOS the Lab is the official dance studio and training facility for all interested in learning the Art of Stepping. The Lab offers the opportunity for professional development, 1st company competition team training & competitive circuit and employment as an instructor via digital and traditional methods.



First ever Step Dance app. Google Play exclusive Beta Phase app and add-on to the AOS STEAM and Kids Creative Programs. Can be played by all ages to learn and have fun at the same time.

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Powered by AOS and the World of Step (WOS). Access to the only international competition World of Step, WOSA annual award showcase and AOS / WOS direct and sponsored events


Shop for exclusive athletic & casual merch in the AOS and WOS stores. Support the movement or just look great rocking a one-of-a-kind brand.