AOS uses a proprietary curriculum focused on mathematics and the arts (Step dance genre) known as the Remo System.

The Remo System allows participants to use alpha / numeric codes to create movement known as choreography. This is the only documented and copyright system that allows dance choreography to be written whereas dance is solely a “visual” learning approach.  

The only written language to the art form of step... Ready to get started?

The birth of the remo system

The system leverages all 26 letters of the English Alphabet and Leonardo Da Vinci’s artistic rendering know as the Vitruvian Man as a symbolic base to represent movement through beats, counts, degrees, angles, etc.

The system has allowed AOS to send written choreography throughout the entire world without visual presentation. Since its public launch, AOS has only released 15 codes to AOS Pro Team and After School Programs across the nation.  In addition, the system delves into formations, levels, definition of beats and most importantly choreography.

Remo system is trademarked and copyrighted securing that it is the ONLY Company in the world that can teach this curriculum.

In 2021, AOS launched the Kids Creative Program with a workbook that teaches the lower case letters of the alphabet starting the age of Pre K – 4th Grade. Below please see a sample.

See It In Action